Goddess Holle

In search of a Germanic Goddess

Gunivortus Goos (GardenStone)

236 Blz., ISBN 978-3-8423-7391-0     
Books on Demand GmbH, 2002 - 2011     

Frau Holle, many call her Mother Hulda, is well known all over the world from the famous fairytale the Grimm brothers published long ago. But Holle is much more than just some vague character from mythology.
She can be recognized as an ancient goddess guarding the circle of life of humans - from birth to death and beyond.

It was a long quest to find back to this goddess. This book is the invitation to follow it yourself along nine paths and µfind´ her too. Each chapter is such a path and when the quest is ´walked´ to the end, new knowledge is acquired and Holle has become nearer and clearer... of course limited to what a human can understand about a goddess.

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