This is Brigid

Goddess & Saint of Ireland

Pauline Breen

132 Pages, ISBN 979 83656 84454     
Published by Milton Keynes UK, 2022     

This is Brigid - Goddess & Saint is an informative read on the essence of Brigid in both identities as Goddess and Saint. From a historical perspective we can see how Celtic Irish society venerated the divine feminine as well as other gods and goddesses. Out of this society emerged Brigid: Ireland's most cherished female deity who is still considered today to be the triple goddess of Poetry, Healing and Smithcraft amongst others. Information is presented on Brigid as daughter of the Dagda, partner of Bres and mother to Ruadan. Her eternal presence is explored in the four elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, in the natural landscape all around us and in the various stages of womanhood witnessed in Maiden, Lover, Mother, Queen and Crone.

As Catholic Saint her early life and her many miraculous feats contain similar undertones to that of the Goddess. In her lore as Saint we see examples of a strong, independent woman who knew her own mind and followed her own heart and life path.

Who is Brigid? Goddess or Saint or both? In what expression of her do you find connection? How does she relate to a modern audience? Learn about Brigid in her two distinctive but overlapping considerations and find ways to see her aliveness and ever presence in today's world.

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