Our Troth

Volume 1 - History and Lore

Second Edition

Kveldúlf Hagar Gundarsson

578 Blz., ISBN 1 4196 3598 0     
Booksurge Publishing / The Troth, 2006     

The Germanic peoples, including the ancestors of today´s Norse, Germans, and English, once practiced and lived by their native religion. A religion in which mighty Gods and Goddesses looked after their folk; departed ancestors lived on and were honored in song and memory; the natural world was filled with holiness; and people strove to uphold the values of courage, honor, truth, wisdom, self-reliance, and generosity.

All but forgotten for centuries, their religion is now being restored as authentically as possible, and has much to offer that is relevant today. There are many variations in beliefs and practices within this faith, which is known by various names, including Ásatrú, Heathenry, and others. Yet what unites all who follow this faith is a defining personal loyalty to, or "Troth" with, the Gods and Goddesses of the Northlands; deep respect for our religious and cultural heritage; and the determination to practice the ethical principles of our predecessors.

To help today´s Heathens understand and practice their faith, the Troth, and international Heathen organization, now brings you the second edition of Our Troth. First published in 1993, and out of print for many years, Our Troth is the single most comprehensive book on Heathenry, combining scholarship, personal insight, and practical guidelines for study and worship. The second edition has been extensively revised and expanded, with more on Heathen lore and practice then ever before.

If you feel called to make up the banner of the ancient ways, and bring their might and wisdom into your life and the world, you will learn much from this book.

May the Gods see you!

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