Meeting the Norse Goddess of Magic

Morgan Daimler

85 Pages, ISBN 978 1 80341 002 9     
Published by John Hunt Publishing, Pagan Portals 2023     

The most popular of the Norse goddesses is the Vanic deity Freya, found across the Norse myths and into modern mass media, yet often obscured by contradictory tales and external moral coding. Freya is an alluring deity of magic and fertility, a being so important in the mythology that gods and giants fought over her, yet she is never shown as a passive prize to be won only as a forceful being with agency and will of her own. Who is this powerful goddess who has left such a profound mark across not only Norse culture but also wider Western culture?

Pagan Portals - Freya is a basic introduction to the Norse Goddess Freya that covers her history, mythology, associations, and modern appearances, and offers readers suggestions for how to begin connecting to Freya in their own lives.

"Morgan Daimler has gifted us with a well-crafted and engaging introduction to the Goddess Freya... Truly a must read for anyone interested in or already working with this powerful and intriguing Goddess."
- Ceri Norman, author of A Beginner's Guide to Ogham Divination and Faerie Stones

A blogger, witch, poet, teacher of esoteric subjects and priestes of the Daoine Maithe, Morgan Daimler is the author of more than two dozen books including Odin, Thor and A New Dictionary of Fairies.

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