Finding Elen

The Quest for Elen of the Ways

With Andrew Collins, Linda Iles, Alex Langstone,
Maria Teresa-Harmer, Caitlin Matthews, and John Merron
Foreword by John Matthews

Edited by Caroline Wise

218 Blz., ISBN 978 150 8644033     
Eala Press, 2015     

Caroline Wise has been exploring the mysteries of Elen of the Ways and the Green Lady for many years. This latest book, "Finding Elen" gives Caroline the opportunity to share her deep understanding of the myths of the land. Caroline has the amazing gift of being able to convey her personal vision to both pilgrim and artists, bringing Elen, the goddess, into the forefront of our minds. Contributors include Andrew Collins, Caitlin Matthews, Linda Iles, Alex langstone, Maria Teresa-Harmer, John Merron and several artists, all of whom have revealed Elen of the Ways to the world. So who was Elen - Helena; the goddess of many names? In "Finding Elen" we have several archetypal contenders. But whoever she was, Elen is seen as a guardian protectress of Britain.
Judith Page, artist and author of ´Invoking the Egyptian Gods´, ´The Song of Bast´, and ´Realm of Angels.´

From her origins in ancient Artic lands, through her journeys across the forests and mountains of Northern Europe, to her emergence in the British Isles, Elen has been a mysterious and enduring presence in Caroline Wise´s spiritual journey. This long awaited book is the first to look behind the different masks of Elen and show the many ways and paths you can walk to discover her for yourself.
Storm Constantine, founder of the ´Lady of the Flame Iseum,´ author of ´Sekhem Heka´ and ´Bast and Sekhmet: Eyes of Ra´

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