A collection of stories, songs and poetry

Marion Brigantia van Eupen

66 Pages, ISBN 978 1 8383778 0 9     
Published by Brigantia Publishing, 2021     

The third year of the Brighde-Brigantia training is focused entirely around the exploration of the Goddess Brigantia, as Lady of the different aspects and areas of the Celtic Isles and its mythology.

In 2020, this exploration has not only taken these Priestesses and Priest of Brigantia to places they were not physically able to travel, but also to the other worlds of these Celtic lands.

Do not be surprised if you encounter dragons and selkies and otherworldly beings in these songs, poems and stories, and let yourself be carried away to the worldly and magical realms of Brigantia as sovereign of the land!

We hope you will enjoy this experience!

With Bright Blessings!
The 3rd year students of the
Brighde-Brigantia training 2020

(The text above comes from the back of the book)